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The Roommate [v0.9.12] [togs] + JokerLeader's WT Mod

3DCG, Adventure, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Dating Sim, Groping, Group Sex, Lactation, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Management, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Spanking, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


You get a big promotion and move to Seattle where a friend offers you the use of an apartment. However, he'd previously told a young woman from your company that she could stay there, and your arrival means she could end up homeless. But if you don't mind sharing, you'll get to know the beautiful and enigmatic Kari. However, in the world of The Roommate, things are rarely quite what they seem. The Roommate is meant to be less "linear" than many other games and there are factors outside a player's control that may affect the path the story takes.

And you don't get to shag your mom (or your sisters), but there are plenty of other fish in the sea...​

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